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Wise Medicine is the holistic integration of the best from the medical systems of the world. With a foundation based in the wisdom of more mature medical systems such Oriental Medicine and Ayurvedic from Asia and traditional Yoruba medicine from Africa combined with the evolving herbal medicine knowledge from both traditional and modern systems around the world, the most effective advances in chiropractic and osteopathic physical medicine are used in conjunction with the cutting edge therapies from biomedicine such as Regenerative Injection Therapy (Prolotherapy), Chelation Therapy, Bio-oxidative Medicine, Redox Signalling Therapy, Major Autohemotherapy with ozone and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. The most recent advances in scientifically sound diagnostic procedures form the basis for therapy. Medicine is evolving at an exciting pace. Integrating the best, both past and the present, from all effective medical systems of the world is Wise Medicine. The evolution of Wise Medicine is an art that has a solid foundation in science.

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