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The Myers’ Cocktail is a combination of various pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that is administered by intravenous push. It can be useful in situations where oral nutrients or other therapies are not effective. The digestive system is bypassed when nutrients are given intravenously. Therefore, a much higher level of nutrition can be delivered to your cells through the bloodstream. This can be especially important for people with digestive problems that contribute to an inability to assimilate appropriate nutrition from food or supplements. Also, with many health problems and diseases the body needs to use nutrients at a faster rate or in higher amounts for proper healing.

The general effect of a Myers’ Cocktail is to improve the function and energy capacity of the cells which can assist in recovery from chronic or acute health problems. A Myers' Cocktail may be helpful for many health conditions including fatigue, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasms, chest pain, palpitations, infections, respiratory problems, chronic sinusitis, asthma, seasonal allergies, hives, hyperthyroidism, migraine headaches and depression. A Myers' can help speed recovery from a cold or flu. When optimum physical or mental performance is essential, a Myers' Cocktail can be of benefit.

Most people experience the taste of vitamins soon after the injection is started followed by a pleasant sensation of flushing and then heat (caused by the magnesium's effect) in one or more locations that may diffuse over the body as the injection continues. The injections are usually given once or twice a week initially, and beneficial effects are usually felt by the fourth injections. Many patients with chronic conditions choose to continue the injections on a regular basis or when they feel a decrease in energy.

In the mid twentieth century, John Myers, M.D., was the first physician to extensively use intravenous nutrient therapy for a variety of medical conditions. More recently, the nutrient cocktail was named and popularized by Alan Gaby, M.D., who writes about nutrition in medicine. Hundreds of physicians use variations on the Myers’ Cocktail today.

Administration of a Myers’ Cocktail is a specific, medical procedure that must be performed by properly trained, medical professionals in accordance with strict protocols. When properly performed, a Myers's Cocktail is comfortable, safe and effective. The Myers’ Cocktail has a cumulative effect so that each treatment builds on and enhances the effects of previous treatments. For acute infections, frequent treatment may be necessary initially.

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