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Intravenous therapy involves the infusion of therapeutic substances. Infusion is the introduction of a solution into the body through a vein for therapeutic purposes. An infusion is generally allowed to slowly “drip” into the vein through a needle or catheter attached to an IV line which is attached to a bag or bottle of the solution. This is done at a controlled rate using the force of gravity. An IV push involves introducing the substance into the vein using a syringe to “push” the substance at a controlled rate. The rate for an IV push is usually a faster rate than for an IV infusion or drip and the amount of solution administered is usually much less for an IV push.

    Intravenous Vitamin C
    Myers’ Cocktail
    Chelation Therapy
    Ozone Therapy
    Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation
    Major Autohemotherapy
    Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
    Phosphatidylcholine Therapy
    Nutritional IV Therapy
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