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The practice of medicine involves both art and science. A number of effective primary medical systems have evolved throughout the world. Conventional medicine is just one of those systems. Although many don't realize it, the majority of what is done by conventional medical doctors is unproven scientifically. Some of it is ineffective, and some of it is of real value. All systems of medicine are evolving and each system adds something that improves the art and science of Real Medicine. Real Medicine involves integrating the best and most effective aspects from all the evolving traditional and modern medical systems of the world. Dr. Wilcox has studied most of the best and has spent over 30 years helping evolve Real Medicine and Real Doctors.

Oriental medicine evolved a medical concept referred to as “the root and the branch.” While the primary focus of conventional medicine is often to manage the symptoms of disease, in more mature medical systems the goal is to understand and correct the root of the problem, while also resolving the symptoms or branch issues.

Seven root issues can undermine a person's health and if not illuminated and resolved, these issues will interfere with all attempts to reestablish health or improve optimum performance. These seven foundation issues are:

  • Pathogens – the presence of unhealthy parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast.
  • Toxins – tissue build-up of toxic metals such as mercury and lead, pesticides and other chemical toxins that interfere with all of the bodies biochemical and energy interactons.
  • Waste and Toxin Elimination Inadequacy – urination, defecation and perspiration problems.
  • Nutritional Deficiency – insufficient intake of essential nutrients for optimal metabolism.
  • Metabolic & Endocrine Imbalances – inappropriate chemical changes in living cells and glands by which energy or hormones are provided for vital processes and activities and new material is assimilated.
  • Physical Trauma – structural damage that interferes with proper functioning.
  • Emotional Trauma – emotional, sexual or physical trauma or abuse.

Some of these issues are more fundamental than others. Dr. Wilcox will explore them with you and take the time to work together with you to design a personalized strategy to improve or resolve your medical issues and optimize your health.

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